Balogun Olamilekan, widely recognized by his stage name Balloranking, was born on November 20, 2000, amidst the vibrant streets of Surulere in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Embarking on his artistic journey at a tender age of 17, Balloranking’s passion for music was kindled during his stint as a graphics designer. It was within the walls of his workplace that the symphony of musical instruments played by his boss struck a chord within him, igniting an unquenchable yearning to craft remarkable melodies.

Growing up in the gritty Coker neighborhood of Surulere, Balloranking’s aspirations stretched far beyond the boundaries of a typical street artist. His sonic identity marries the soulful echoes of Afro rhythms with a contemporary resonance, birthing an unparalleled auditory experience. Since signing to our label, his artistry has manifested in countless streams and downloads across digital platforms, a testament to the ever-expanding circle of devoted admirers he’s garnered.


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