Emerging onto Nigeria’s music scene with undeniable talent and charisma, BhadBoi OML is set to make waves with the release of his much-anticipated debut EP, “BHADRIYUN.” This project marks a significant milestone in BhadBoi OML’s musical journey, reflecting years of unwavering dedication and artistic growth. Before the unveiling of “BHADRIYUN,” BhadBoi OML showcased his talent through a series of captivating singles and covers, including hits like “Damages,” “Finesse,” and “Bounce.” These tracks served as glimpses into the artist’s evolving artistry and set the stage for what promises to be a groundbreaking EP. With “BHADRIYUN,” BhadBoi OML steps boldly into his own identity as an artist. This 21-minute musical journey delves deep into his quest for success, exploring a rich tapestry of themes that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Anchored by the EP’s lead single, “Tomford,” BhadBoi OML demonstrates his exceptional sonic versatility and his ability to craft enchanting melodies that linger in the hearts of his audience.BhadBoi OML’s “BHADRIYUN” EP represents a fusion of creativity, passion, and sheer talent. It encapsulates the essence of an artist ready to redefine Nigeria’s music landscape with his unique style and unmistakable charm. Each track within the EP tells a compelling story, inviting listeners to join BhadBoi OML on a transformative musical journey.

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Release Date : August 31, 2023
Format : CD