The recent streaming report by Turntable Charts states that Seyi Vibez and Shallipopi emerged as the foremost streamed artists of Q1 2024. Seyi Vibez leads with 156.3 million streams, closely trailed by Shallipopi with 112 million streams. This feat underscores the relentless dedication of Dvpper Digital, guided by the visionary leadership of Senior Vice President Ademola Alugo.

Dvpper Digital, acclaimed as one of Africa’s top music distributors, continues to set new benchmarks. Recognized by Boomplay as one of the top distributors in 2023 for our exceptional performance, our journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to our artists and their success.

The recent Turntable Charts report highlights Seyi Vibez and Shallipopi’s dominance, a testament to the collaborative efforts of our expert team under Ademola’s stewardship. Their strategic guidance and tireless efforts ensure our artists reach unparalleled heights, capturing the essence of Nigeria’s musical prowess.

Seyi Vibez’s “NAHAMciaga” EP and Shallipopi’s debut album, “Presido la Pluto,” are catalysts for this success. Seyi Vibez’s chart-topping acclaim and Shallipopi’s meteoric rise exemplify our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering groundbreaking music on the African continent and beyond.

Ademola Alugo’s pivotal role as Senior Vice President of Dvpper Digital cannot be overstated. His strategic acumen and unwavering dedication, in tandem with Dapper Music CEO Damilola Akinwunmi, propel us to new horizons. Together, they redefine success within Afrobeats and beyond, inspiring a new generation of music enthusiasts.

Ademola Alugo states, “As Head of Dvpper Digital, I commend Seyi Vibez, Shallipopi, and our entire team for their exemplary achievements. Their resilience and passion are the driving force behind our collective triumphs.

“To aspiring artists, heed their journey as a testament to the boundless possibilities within Nigeria’s dynamic music landscape. Congratulations to the entire Dvpper family, we will continue to shape the present and future of Nigerian music.”

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