The emergence of Dapper Group in the Afrobeats space has since swept away the debris of the old and presented a new perspective in the minds of everyone connected to our beloved African music community. Since its establishment in 2018, we have morphed through different phases to earn our name as a record company that serves as a conduit that offers a fresh take on music discovery and strategies through which artists connect to the audience in a technologically driven age.  

Building a record company from scratch is no easy feat; neither is overseeing its transformation from a music distribution and label service into a full 360-service (management, distribution, publishing, and label services) record company that is playing its part in ushering in some of the most unique talents African music has ever experienced. Behind a company of this stature is a host of innovative, forward-thinking executives spearheaded by CEO Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi who have earned their stripes on the Afrobeats scene over the years and now come together to build an imprint that speaks for itself, leaving an indelible mark on world music as we know it.

A team of robust individuals, all of its members play an active role in our quest to establish ourselves as the premier record company out of Africa. 

Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi – CEO, Dapper Group

Damilola Akinwunmi, a businessman and passionate music lover, shares a deep connection with music and considers it a personal and spiritual aspect of his life. His values in business—quality, vision, and hard work—are deeply ingrained in him as part of his ethos. Internalizing these qualities has ensured that Damilola Akinwunmi would carve out an ever-expanding space for himself in Africa’s music community. His journey as a music executive has allowed him to assist, nurture, and manage an array of artists that started with Dotman in 2014. With a vast musical palate, he is not constrained to one shade of any genre in his quest to discover, nurture, and propel some of the best talent coming out of the country to international stardom. 

His journey with Dapper Group is marked by significant evolution, transitioning from a distribution company to a comprehensive 360 service entity. His commitment to music, coupled with his business acumen, paints a picture of versatility and unwavering dedication in the dynamic world of music and entrepreneurship.

Temitayo Ibitoye – Executive Vice President, Dapper Group

Temitayo Ibitoye, known popularly by his alias Tee-Y Mix, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene and has made his name both as a performer and executive. Since joining Dapper Group, he has embraced larger responsibilities and an opportunity to work in a unique role within the music ecosystem that encompasses distribution, artist management, and A&R.

In his role of Executive Vice President, he oversees the overall business operations and strategic direction to ensure Dapper Group’s success. He has a proven track record of success in the dynamic and competitive music industry having contributed significantly to the creation, development, and promotion of outstanding musical talent. His vast knowledge and impressive accomplishments across the music industry speaks to his abilities as a strategic, innovative and impactful leader.

Abe O. Adeile – Business Operations & Strategy, Dapper Group

Abe O. Adeile has a longstanding connection to the music and entertainment world. He began by crafting PR strategies for UK-based artists like Grace Obika and Dotstar. Over time, his career led him to roles tangentially related to the music scene. He joined Dapper Group after initially consulting for the company during a phase of business expansion. Ultimately, he was drawn in by the company’s vision and future potential.

In the dynamic music industry, Adeile stresses the crucial role of structure. Structure, according to him, provides the blueprint for success and growth, allowing for the systematic measurement of progress and alignment with international standards. Adeile envisions Dapper Group as a catalyst for propelling local talents onto the global stage, potentially reshaping the global music landscape.

Kelechi Akwari – Senior Vice President, Dapper Music and Entertainment

Kelechi Akwari’s journey in music began with managing and A&R-ing YCee in 2013, although he temporarily stepped away from the industry for two years after guiding the artist to a successful breakout period with the hit record “Juice”.  During this hiatus, he connected with Damilola Akinwunmi, a relationship that solidified in 2019 and has only gotten stronger since. 

His trained ears and eyes for quality music and potential stardom qualifies him for the role of Senior Vice President of Dapper Music and Entertainment. This ensures that he is placed close to the process of recruitment, nurturing, and management of the plethora of stars that will associate themselves with the Dapper Music and Entertainment imprint. The motivation to join Dapper stemmed from his awareness of the company’s growing presence and the opportunities it offered to tap into Africa’s dense talent pool. Looking ahead, he envisions Dapper Group becoming a major record company without restrictions to any genre.

Demola Alugo – Senior Vice President, Dvpper Digital

Demola Alugo’s journey into the music and entertainment industry began in 2014, driven by a passion for the trade that he knew would lead him to perform prominent roles behind the entertainment industry scenes.  

In 2019, he joined Dapper Group, drawn by the company’s compelling vision. As the Senior Vice President of Dvpper Digital, his role involves growing and developing the digital arm of Dapper Music & Entertainment. This encompasses music distribution, licensing, digital sales, and marketing. With regard to his vision for Dvpper Digital and the company as a whole, Demola’s objective is clear: he envisions each facet of Dapper Group thriving individually and collaboratively, both locally and internationally, solidifying the company’s position as the go-to hub for music and entertainment.

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