Shallipopi is an artist who has carved out a unique niche for himself within Nigeria’s music scene. His journey into the national spotlight has been characterized by the creation of infectious rhythms and the crafting of simple yet profoundly resonant lyrics. He relays his experiences about inner city life that widely encapsulates what his listeners and audience experience.  Shallipopi’s music has the remarkable ability to stick with listeners, making you come back for more. 

What truly distinguishes Shallipopi is his profound connection to his cultural heritage. In his musical compositions, he frequently weaves in the language of his Benin heritage, showcasing a deep sense of pride in his roots. This cultural influence adds layers of depth and authenticity to his music, allowing it to resonate not only on a musical level but also on a cultural and emotional plane. Shallipopi’s artistry, therefore, becomes a vehicle for preserving and celebrating his cultural identity.

The creation of his Plutomania Records label is the newest milestone in his fast-rising career so far. Along with maintaining significant stake in his artistry, it is an avenue to establish his musical identity on Nigeria’s music scene. The signings of ZerryDL and Tega Boi will do well to bring the sound of the Edo community to the fore.

Beyond his musical talents, Shallipopi possesses a cool persona that is magnetizing. His charisma and natural charm shine through, making it nearly impossible for anyone to overlook his presence in the music scene. It’s this magnetic combination of cultural richness and personal charm that sets him apart as an artist who leaves a lasting impression.

Shallipopi’s career reached new heights since signing with Dapper Music and Entertainment. This collaboration has provided him with the platform, reach, and visibility to make a significant impact across the country. His undeniable talent, when coupled with the support and resources of Dapper Music and Entertainment, has propelled him to the pinnacle of the music charts with astonishing speed.

The Edo State native landed on the scene in a big way with his viral hit, “Elon Musk”. Shallipopi has captivated the entire country with an enticing swagger and powerful stage presence that keeps eyes and ears glued to his every move. With “Ex Convict”, he secured his first number 1 on Nigeria’s Apple Music and was named an Up Next artist as well. His efforts in 2023 have done enough to cement him as the year’s breakout star. From his sound to his visuals, Shallipopi has positioned himself as an embodiment of the blend of culture and cool. 

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