Emerging artist TML Vibez ventures into the vibrant world of Afrobeats with the unveiling of his inaugural project, “Timileyin.” Aptly named after the artist’s first name, this debut release serves as an intimate extension of TML Vibez, offering audiences a personal introduction to the talent they eagerly await.

“Timileyin” is a genuine reflection of TML Vibez’s essence, portraying him as an energetic yet grounded personality with a profound understanding of the reality he aims to create through his music.

The artist’s dynamism is evident throughout “Timileyin,” as he boldly shoulders the weight of his introduction. The project features a guest verse from Vibez Inc. head honcho, Seyi Vibez, who also takes on the role of executive producer alongside Dapper Music CEO, Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi.

TML Vibez showcases his inventive songwriting and captivating delivery, presenting a diverse range of tracks from high-energy club bangers to introspective records. Each song unveils a different facet of TML Vibez’s talent and personality, seamlessly coming together to form a comprehensive first impression of a budding star.

“Timileyin” marks the commencement of a promising career for TML Vibez and heralds a new era of musical dominance through the strategic partnership between Dapper Music and Vibez Inc.

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