Dvpper Digital proudly reflects on a year of significant accomplishments as it concludes 2023. Specializing in leveraging its resources and industry expertise, Dvpper Digital has successfully forged robust connections between artists and their audiences.

Throughout the year, our commitment to excellence has propelled us to new heights, strategically placing our clients on premier platforms and nurturing flourishing relationships with both artists and digital streaming platforms. As a result, Dvpper Digital stands tall as one of the foremost distribution companies in the country.

The global music landscape has been illuminated by the success of our clients, as evidenced by the recently released worldwide listening data from various Digital Service Providers (DSPs). Boomplay Nigeria, in particular, showcased the chart dominance of several Dvpper Digital artists, with Seyi Vibez securing the #2 position on the Top Male Artists ranking and Omah Lay’s “soso” earning the title of the Most Streamed Song of 2023. Additionally, Shallipopi was recognized as one of the Top Rising Artists of the year.

The impact of Dvpper Digital resonates further in Boomplay’s Top Albums of 2023, where our artists claimed prominent positions. Omah Lay’s “Boy Alone” garnered an impressive 93.3 million streams, while Seyi Vibez’s albums, “Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come,” “Thy Kingdom Come,” and “Memory Card,” collectively achieved 38.2, 58.6, and 41.2 million streams. Shallipopi’s breakout year is highlighted by “Planet Pluto” and “Presido La Pluto,” achieving 33 and 13.5 million streams respectively. Balloranking’s “Ghetto Gospel” and T.I. Blaze’s “Dangerous Wavy Baby” also contributed to this success, each amassing 4.2 and 2.4 million streams.

In recognition of our outstanding achievements, Boomplay honored Dvpper Digital as one of the top distributors of the year, based on streaming numbers from November 1, 2022, to October 31, 2023. This prestigious accolade underscores our unwavering dedication and expertise in delivering exceptional music to a global audience while fostering enduring connections between our clients and their fans.

Guided by Senior Vice President Ademola Alugo and comprising of Senior Manager and Deputy Head of Distribution Sany Ibrahim, along with Adedamola Hassan and Ore Agiri, the Dvpper Digital team is a dedicated group committed to promoting musical excellence. Ademola Alugo reflects on the year, stating his immense pride in the bridge Dvpper Digital has successfully created to connect artists and music enthusiasts through strategic partnerships with leading platforms like Boomplay. As an independently owned distribution company, achieving approximately 700 million streams this year stands as a testament to our dedication.

Sany Ibrahim shares the same sentiments, highlighting the work rate the team puts in as a major factor for Dvpper Digital’s rapid and significant growth. The goal, for him, is to be the undisputed distribution company in the country from 2024 and beyond. 

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