Since our inception, Dapper Music has maintained an intentional connection to the pulsating rhythm of the people, especially the resurging street-hop shade of Afrobeats within Nigeria. Acting as nurturers of the authentic and raw talent dwelling in the trenches of Nigerian music, we propel these diamond-like artists into nationwide stardom, positioning them as the current faces of Nigerian music.

On December 20th, 2023, The Palms in Lagos played host to Trench Fest, an event that transcended mere musical performances, morphing into a celebration of community and artistic growth. Beyond the star-studded lineup featuring the hottest artists in the country, our concert fostered a genuine sense of camaraderie among attendees who gathered to witness the evolution of these artists and the profound impact of their music.

From the first note to the final encore, the atmosphere at Trench Fest was electric, with the crowd immersed in intense euphoria. Trench Fest unveiled a showcase of Nigeria’s most unique talents, blending a tapestry of new hits and timeless classics that traversed the rich spectrum of past and present musical expressions.

Skiibii’s immaculate performance and Balloranking’s ability to have the crowd singing every lyric created memorable moments, while Shallipopi and Zlatan’s collaboration on the “Elon Musk” remix resonated through the speakers. Seyi Vibez shook the venue to its foundation, igniting an intense crowd chorus with his rendition of “Para Boi.” Notably, T.I Blaze, Bhadboi OML, Ice Prince, and Minz, among others, contributed to the star-studded experience, infusing the evening of December 20th with an unparalleled energy.

Trench Fest not only showcased the talent embedded in Nigeria’s street-hop scene but also underscored the power of music to unify and uplift communities. Our commitment to amplifying these voices has once again proven pivotal in shaping the contemporary landscape of Nigerian music.

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