In the intricate tapestry of the music industry, the  heartbeat of a record company resides in the prowess of its A&R department, serving as the architect of artistic development and repertoire crafting. Dapper Music, since our inception, has developed its operations in bringing forth the best talents out of the dense talent pool that exists within the African music space.

From Seyi Vibez’s melodious strains to the rhythmic prowess of Shallipopi and Balloranking, Dapper Music has etched its mark on African music by guiding our artists through transformative journeys. Our A&R department is equipped with visionary minds who excel in the art of transforming raw talent to elite acts, leading us to become one of the foremost record companies out of the country — championed by Dapper Music and Entertainment Senior Vice President and Head of A&R, Kelechi “Chopper” Akwari.

Chopper, since joining Dapper Music, has been instrumental in building a strong A&R team capable of bringing forth groundbreaking releases that reverberate across the global music space. Working closely with his longtime collaborator and Dapper Music CEO Damilola Akinwunmi, the duo have built a working relationship that stands the test of time. Together, their innovative ideas and execution has been essential in curating a portfolio of present and future superstars whose crafts permeate through the nation and beyond. 

Dapper, Shallipopi, Seyi Vibez and Chopper

Dapper Music and Entertainment boasts an extensive list of projects from some of the biggest artists in the country. The influence of the A&R department is profound, evident in the resonant notes of Seyi Vibez’s “Billion Dollar Baby” to the recent “NAHAMciaga EP”. The Pluto boys found their musical compass under Chopper’s guidance with Shallipopi’s debut album “Presido La Pluto” and Zerry DL’s “Danger Zee” EP.

Balloranking’s “Ghetto Gospel” album and “Ghetto Vibrations” EP both bear the unquestionable mark of the finesse and expertise present in the Dapper Music ranks. Dwillsharmony’s “AFROBEAST VOL. 2”, along with T.I. Blaze’s “El Major” and “Fresh Prince of Lagos” projects have also been enriched by the expertise of Chopper and the Dapper Music A&R department. These highlight only some of the influence Dapper Music has across the African music space as we know it.

Chopper’s catalog highlights the transformative power of A&R, shaping the trajectory of artists and the quality of music emanating from the halls of Dapper Music. As the architect behind our musical alchemy, Kelechi “Chopper” Akwari uses his trained eyes and ears to spot and nurture raw talent to reach their full potential, refining their sound to a level that echoes far beyond the confines of the record company — a pointer to the relentless spirit of Dapper Music to push the sonic boundaries of the global music landscape. 

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