Balloranking is positioning himself for a larger phase of his career with the release of his latest project, “Ghetto Gospel”. So far, since breaking into the Nigerian music scene, Balloranking has endeared himself to many who gravitate towards his message; a message that tells the true tales of himself and his roots. His Trench Kid album lets us into Balloranking’s artistic range – a spectrum that starts at somber, inspirational records and reaches high-energy, euphoric bangers. His appeal stems from the ability to blend both ends of this spectrum and produce several shades of it in between. This is an invaluable quality when you consider the heights that the Afrobeats genre currently touches and the doors that its globalization has opened.

These qualities have increased Balloranking’s influence on the street-hop scene. Nigeria’s street-hop community values and celebrates unique individual expression, as seen through Seyi Vibez’s rapid ascent to the top of the ladder and his Best Street-Hop Artiste Award at the Headies in September. As Seyi Vibez elevates into solidified mainstream success, the street-hop scene can look to Balloranking to continue the culture of pure and unique expression as the new minister of the street-hop gospel. The “We Up” singer is evolving into a prominent voice of the streets.

Balloranking has enjoyed success since signing to our Dapper Music and Entertainment imprint. The label recognizes the importance of staying close to the pulse of the people and actively tapping into it when going about its operations. Balloranking’s work ethic, with the label’s reach and eye for talent, has birthed a bounty of results that are evident for all to see. Poised for a new career phase, the Ghetto Gospel Minister is ready to speak for his people with an unapologetic expression of talent that has gotten him this far.

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