We are thrilled to announce that Omah Lay has achieved an incredible milestone, surpassing 1 billion Spotify streams for his music. His captivating tracks have resonated not only across the continent but also globally.

Since bursting onto Nigeria’s music scene in 2020, Omah Lay’s career has been on a remarkable upward trajectory. His unique songwriting style allows him to deeply connect with his audience through infectious melodies. Omah Lay’s debut project, “Get Layd,” set the tone for his impressive journey, featuring era-defining songs such as “Bad Influence,” “Damn,” and “Lo lo.” He followed up with the What Have We Done EP, which housed “Godly” and the 6LACK-assisted remix of “Damn”. 

With his debut LP, “Boy Alone,” Omah Lay solidified his position as one of the prominent figures in the new age of Afrobeats worldwide. The project saw Omah Lay at his most vulnerable, exploring pieces of his psyche in delicate ways while wrapping it in a coat that makes the records enjoyable and relatable. Across the regular and deluxe versions of Boy Alone, Omah Lay hosts a healthy repertoire of artists like Aitch, Justin Bieber, Tay Iwar and a “Soso” remix that features Ozuna. Omah Lay’s brilliance, coupled with a respectable list of features, makes Boy Alone what it is: an all-conquering body of work that speaks to the level of artistry that Omah Lay possesses.

Omah Lay and KeyQaad, under the guidance of Valentine Ngaji and Marshall Onaemo, have forged a path to remarkable success in Omah Lay’s career. Together, they’ve laid the groundwork for a transformative shift in how the Afrobeats genre is perceived, leaving an indelible mark both locally and internationally. Dvpper Digital, the distribution arm of Dapper Group spearheaded by Ademola Alugo, has played a pivotal role in Omah Lay’s growth by strategically distributing his music, ensuring it reaches the most discerning listeners through relevant placements. Their collaborative efforts are bound to be celebrated for years to come.

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