Dvpper Digital stands at the forefront of the Afrobeats revolution, wielding significant influence in its propagation across continents. In a landscape shaped by technological innovations and a widespread embrace of the genre, our operations capitalize on emerging market opportunities, elevating the substance of Afrobeats to unprecedented heights. The tangible success of our clients, both at home and on the global stage, attests to our prowess in delivering music to discerning ears.

According to our chart data from the week ending November 12, Apple Music’s Top 25 Lagos Charts serve as a testament to our impact, with a staggering 11 of our songs dominating the list. Among them, Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” and Shallipopi’s “Cast & Evil Receive” claim the top three spots, underscoring the caliber of talent under our umbrella. Shallipopi’s remarkable presence extends further with a total of 5 songs on the chart, including “Oscroh,” “Wet on Me,” and “More Than Me.” Balloranking contributes with two songs, “We Up” and “Hustle Hard,” while Rybeena’s “I.d Me” secures the no.9 position, and BhadBoi OML’s “Shkran Lak” takes the no. 11 spot. Notably, Seyi Vibez’s “Karma” stands as our oldest released song on the chart, holding steady at no.18.

On the broader Top Songs Chart, Omah Lay’s “Holy Ghost” maintains an authoritative position at number one, solidifying its status as a chart-topping anthem. Dvpper Digital boasts an impressive 38 songs on the Top 200 Songs chart, with an impressive 13 tracks positioned within the top 50. This widespread success not only reflects the quality of the music we represent but also affords us a robust platform to uphold our mission: giving every song we release the opportunity to become the next big sensation. Sany Bawa, Senior Manager and Deputy Head of Distribution at Dvpper Digital, reiterated that it is the relationship that Dvpper Digital has with its clients that makes it possible for significant strides at home and abroad.

As Dvpper Digital continues to shape the narrative of Afrobeats’ global ascent, our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering musical excellence remains unwavering. The charts are a testament to our ability to not only navigate the ever-evolving music industry but to thrive in it, ensuring that each release under our banner stands poised for greatness.

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