Dvpper Digital is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Sherrie Silver Foundation. The Silver Foundation’s operational focus is to empower underprivileged children with new opportunities and conducive environments to help them turn their talents into lucrative professions. We are excited to take part in this noble cause that is of great social benefit to the next generation of creative superstars.

The Sherrie Silver Foundation band houses singers ranging from ages 4-14, while other band members are as old as 16 years old. Combining their respective talents highlights their strength as a collective, surely paving a way for thriving, individual careers. As part of our support to this cause, Dvpper Digital will not receive any royalties from this partnership, with all proceeds going to the Silver Foundation. 

Dapper Group CEO, Damilola Akinwunmi regards the partnership as a an opportunity to give back to the wider African community and continue nurturing the best talents of the continent.  

Sherrie Silver Foundation releases its first single, “Welcome to Africa” through Dvpper Digital featuring eight of the children from the foundation. The upbeat record does well to highlight the best parts of our beloved continent in our quest to expand our creative horizons. This partnership between Dvpper Digital and the Silver Foundation will provide a platform for these children to take their first steps in living through their God-given abilities.

Sherrie Silver reiterates that the foundation’s long-term mission is to set up centres that serve as focal points for developing children in singing, dancing, playing instruments amongst other artistic disciplines. All these, along with providing industry access, is fueled by the mindset that socioeconomic disadvantages should not hinder future opportunities.

Visit the Sherrie Silver Foundation website here.

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