Plutomania Records, although recently unveiled, has already exerted its influence on Nigeria’s music industry in significant ways. Shallipopi, along with his new artists ZerryDL and Tega Boi, continues to captivate and excite his fans and audience alike with a series of chart-topping records that have taken the entire country by storm. Through their music, they also serve as flag bearers for their hometown Benin City, a land of rich cultural and historical heritage. Dapper Music and Entertainment, through our partnership with Plutomania Records, continues on its mission to bring forth and nurture some of  the best talents that the African music community has ever witnessed. 

All facts point to Shallipopi being the best breakout star in the year 2023. He has championed a unique style of expression and delivery in his music that resonates across several age demographics. Shallipopi is a blend of culture and cool whose music reflects his energetic personality. His Planet Pluto EP, coupled with his other singles, is an indicator of this blend of charisma and creativity and he has demonstrated that with #1 records like “Oscroh (Pepperline)” and “Ex-Convict”. 

Tega Boi

Tega Boi and ZerryDL continue their great starts to their careers so far since signing with Plutomania Records. Their close relationship with Shallipopi does not hinder them in their quest to create an identity for themselves and their music. Tega Boi’s introduction to national attention was with his fantastic performance on “Sere” with Evil Beast which has garnered over 2 million streams on Spotify. “Child’s Play”, Tega Boi’s new release with Shallipopi, sits at #35 on the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100. 

ZerryDL has quickly become a staple on the charts and on DJ turntables. “Puff & Pass” opened ZerryDL to a wider audience who appreciates his sound. Both versions of the record sit on the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100, with the original peaking at #21.


The partnership between Plutomania Records and Dapper Music offers excitement for the future of these bright, young talents. Our work together has done well to engineer a good start to their careers so far, and we know that these artists are capable of reaching the very pinnacle of their talents, creating an undeniable impact on the Afrobeats scene as we know it. Expect a strong end to the year from the Pluto boys.

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