Dvpper Digital is thrilled to announce a distribution partnership with the talented Nigerian-British pop duo, SamxCas. The twin sisters, Samantha and Casilda Okan, are a product of a diverse cultural background that greatly influences their artistic leanings and styles of expression. This collaboration promises to be a recipe for great success.

They also mark this new phase of their journey with a name change, shifting from “Sam & Cas” to “SamxCas”, signifying the strength of the duo as one entity and not two separate artists. Their bond as twin sisters transcends family ties, extending into a strong creative synergy that is evident in their art.

Born and raised in Hackney, the Okan twins have harnessed their creative abilities to remain closely attuned to the pulse of the Nigerian music community. Their unique musical journey reflects a deep connection to their heritage and an unwavering passion for self-expression through music. SamxCas’s artistic vision aligns seamlessly with Dvpper Digital’s commitment to spotlighting emerging talent and pushing creative boundaries through expert distribution and marketing.

SamxCas emphasized their shared enthusiasm for this phase of their careers, stating their decision to embark on their musical journey is to expand their creative boundaries and express themselves in new ways. 

Dvpper Digital is excited to be a part of SamxCas’s journey, as they break new ground and inspire change through their music. Ademola Alugo, Senior Vice President Dvpper Digital, highlights the duo’s capacity for fun and seriousness as the quality that will see them thrive in the Afrobeats space. The partnership between Dvpper Digital and SamxCas represents a synergy of creativity and purpose, destined to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

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