In the pulsating realm of street-hop, Balloranking has emerged as a beacon of artistic growth, captivating audiences with his evolution since the groundbreaking release of his “Trench Kid” project. Positioned at the forefront of the street-hop scene, his journey since signing with Dapper Music has elevated him to a stature where he recently headlined his first Lagos show on January 7th, 2024, at the iconic New Afrika Shrine.

The fervor among fans was palpable as they poured into the venue, eager to witness Balloranking’s magnetic stage presence. Each note struck resonated with thunderous roars of excitement, underscoring his profound connection with the audience. The night transcended mere musical performance, becoming a celebration of a community united by the power of Balloranking’s music.

The spectacle was further enhanced by special guests who graced the stage in their unique styles. Rybeena graced the stage with a wonderful performance of “”, and TI Blaze made an appearance much to the delight of the crowd. Zerry DL brought swag and charisma, enthralling the crowd with hits like “Puff & Pass” and “Wet on Me.” Tega Boi DC injected energy with “Sere,” and the venerable LAX contributed his classics to the euphoria. Bhadboi OML orchestrated a powerful chorus with “Shkran Lak,” marking one of the defining moments of the evening, before Seyi Vibez took the stage to bring the show to a captivating close.

We are immensely proud of Balloranking and the success of his show. As we reflect on this triumph, it is evident that Dapper Music and Balloranking are a harmonious formula for success, both in the present and the promising future. The New Afrika Shrine served as the stage for not just a concert but a testament to the artist’s journey, community-building prowess, and the unwavering support of an ever-growing fanbase in Nigeria’s music space. 

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