Shallipopi experienced meteoric rise in 2023 which marked a triumphant journey of musical conquest and unparalleled success. A trailblazer in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene, Shallipopi’s breakout year unfolded as a tapestry of achievements, boasting a series of number one records, the unveiling of his debut album “Presido La Pluto,” and a globetrotting array of performances that captured the world’s attention.

Shallipopi’s music and personality quickly endeared him to lovers of Nigerian music, which he leveraged to pull off a sold-out headline show at The Palms in Lagos on December 23rd, 2023. The night unfolded with an intentional brilliance, revealing Shallipopi’s meticulous approach to his craft. The Pluto Presido mesmerized the audience with electrifying live renditions of cherished hits like “Evil Receive”,  “Never Ever” and “Obapluto”, igniting unparalleled energy that reverberated through the venue.

The star-studded event saw the likes of Zerry DL and Tega Boi DC gracing the stage, receiving thunderous choruses sung along by the enraptured crowd. Special appearances by BNXN, Seyi Vibez and TML Vibez added to the euphoria, setting the stage for a show-stopping linkup with ODUMODUBLVCK for the viral hit “Cast.” Every performance was met with screams from the adoring fans in every corner of the venue. 

These transcendent moments served as a testament to the symbiotic success shared by Shallipopi and Dapper Music. The foundations laid during this extraordinary year hint at a future marked by continued dominance, as we strive to solidify our position as the foremost record and entertainment company on the African continent.

Shallipopi’s journey from breakout sensation to the pinnacle of Nigerian music is not merely a narrative of individual triumph but a collective celebration of artistry, collaboration, and the unyielding spirit of Dapper Music and Plutomania Records.  As the echoes of his sold-out show linger in the air, Shallipopi stands poised at the forefront of a new era.

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